Escape from Atlantis Trailer

Escape from Atlantis Trailer (1997)

"The greatest adventure is finding your way home." 29 March 1997 Fantasy, Family

In order to try to bring together his bickering family, a single father takes his three rebellious teenagers on a vacation trip to the Bahamas. They inadvertently wind up in the Bermuda Triangle, where they are whisked through a time portal and brought to the mythical island of Atlantis. There they are drawn into a fantastical conflict between the peace-loving population and a would-be tyrant determined to take over the island. In their desperate attempts to return home they encounter mythical creatures, evil magicians, and ancient powers.

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Jeff Speakman

as Matt Spencer

Brian Bloom

as Joriath

Tim Thomerson

as Liam Gallagher

Justin Burnette

as Adam Spencer

Mercedes McNab

as Claudia Spencer

Breck Wilson

as Chris Spencer

Michael Lee Gogin

as Widge, the Magician

Al Harrington

as Argus, Temple of Morpheus-Prisoner

Kristina Anapau

as Katriana

Geoff Heise

as Kyron


Robert Harris

Robert Harris Executive Producer

Jim Korris

Jim Korris Executive Producer

Robert Harris

Robert Harris Executive Producer

Robert Harris

Robert Harris Executive Producer

International Titles

Fuga de Atlântida Trailer

Perdus à Atlantis Trailer

Flucht von Atlantis Trailer

Huida de Atlantis Trailer

Pako Atlantikselta Trailer

Les aventuriers de l'Atlantis Trailer

Apodrasi apo tin Atlantida Trailer

Menekülés Atlantiszról Trailer

Fuga da Atlântida Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 29 March 1997

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