Kalle Blomkvist and Rasmus Trailer

Kalle Blomkvist and Rasmus Trailer (1997)

25 December 1997 Mystery, Family 78 mins

An engineer and his 5-year old son Rasmus are kidnapped by a group who wants to get their hands on the engineer's latest invention. Three kids become witnesses to the kidnapping and decide to follow the kidnappers to an island and attempt to make a rescue.

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Totte Steneby

as Anders

Josefin Årling

as Eva-Lotta

Malte Forsberg

as Kalle Blomkvist

Claes Malmberg

as Poliskonstapel Björk

Jan Mybrand

as Professorn


Carl Sundberg

Carl Sundberg Cinematography

Peter Grönvall

Original Music Composer

Olle Remaeus

Olle Remaeus Production Design

Christer Furubrand

Christer Furubrand Sound Engineer

Lars Jameson

Lars Jameson Sound Engineer

Kimmo Rajala

Kimmo Rajala Stunt Coordinator

International Titles

Kalle Mestarietsivä ja ryöstetty Rasmus Trailer

The Master Detective and Rasmus Trailer

Mesterdetektiven Blomkvist Og Rasmus Trailer

Astrid Lindgrens Kalle Blomkvist och Rasmus Trailer

International Releases Dates

Sweden 25 December 1997

United States 30 December 1997

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