Kummeli Kultakuume Trailer

Kummeli Kultakuume Trailer (1997)

05 December 1997 Comedy 96 mins

Psychiatric patient Elmeri knows about the existence of a gold treasure in Finnish Lapland, hidden there by his late father who somehow managed to capture it from withdrawing German troops on the last days of WW2. His openly gay nurse helps him escape from the mental institution, and the two men slowly find their way up north to reach the gold. On their way, the odd couple meets a cavalcade of even odder characters.

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Heikki Silvennoinen

as Elmeri Hautamäki / Kyrpä Jooseppi

Timo Kahilainen

as Dean "Dille" Kaakelberg / Erä-Jorma

Heikki Hela

as Janne Petteri Broman

Heikki Vihinen

as James "Jönssi" Kaakelberg

Mari Turunen

as Rasinkangas

Kari Hietalahti

as Kulokoski

Jukka Puotila

as Peter North

Vesa-Matti Loiri

as Eugen Von Lahtinen

Oiva Lohtander

as Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

Tapio Liinoja

as Isä Aleksei

Tuula Nyman

as Lyyli-täti

Kristiina Elstelä

as Tyyne-täti

International Releases Dates

Finland 05 December 1997

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