Skeletons Trailer

Skeletons Trailer (1997)

"Beneath the surface, nothing is what it seems." 04 April 1997 Drama, Horror, Thriller 87 mins

A heart attack moves a Pulitzer winning journalist to leave NY for the peace of a small New England town, but he soon finds himself pulled into a case of a man accused of killing his gay lover with the blade of a shovel. Wanting to keep the case quiet, the town turns against the journalist and his family when he begins digging into its secrets, until finally the accused man is found hanging in his cell and the truth comes out about more than just the killing.

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Ron Silver

as Peter Crane

Christopher Plummer

as Reverend Carlyle

Dee Wallace

as Heather Crane

Kyle Howard

as Zach Crane

James Coburn

as Frank Jove

Arlene Golonka

as Melanie Jove

D. Paul Thomas

as Sheriff Joe Carlton

Paul Bartel

as Mayor Harley Dunbar

Patrick Thomas

as Toby Carlyle (as Pat Thomas)

Clive Rosengren

as Jacob MacIntire

Raymond O'Connor

as Mr. Muir

Valerie Wildman

as Belinda Dunbar

George Buck Flower

as Jerry Grommer (as Buck Flower)


Charles Band

Charles Band Executive Producer

Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort Executive Producer

Harry Shuster

Harry Shuster Executive Producer

Hunter Cressall

Hunter Cressall Production Design

Thomas L. Callaway

Thomas L. Callaway Director of Photography

John Massari

Original Music Composer

Kelly Zitrick

Kelly Zitrick Costume Design

Randi Feldman

Randi Feldman Script Supervisor

International Titles

Pacto de Morte Trailer

Das Grauen in einer kleinen Stadt Trailer

Die verborgene Gruft Trailer

Esqueletos Trailer

Saugatuck Trailer

Skeletons Trailer

Szkielety Trailer

International Releases Dates

Spain 01 July 1997

United States 04 April 1997

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