The Rolling Stones: TWA Dome Trailer

The Rolling Stones: TWA Dome Trailer (1997)

12 December 1997

The Rolling Stones - Live at TWA Dome, St Louis, MO 1997 Recorded at TWA Dome, St Louis, MO on 12th December1997 Tracklisting: 01 Intro 02 Satisfaction 03 Let's Spend the Night Together 04 Flip the Switch 05 Gimme Shelter 06 Wild Horses (with Dave Matthews) 07 Anybody Seen My Baby 08 Saint of Me 09 Corina Corina (with Taj Mahal) 10 Out of Control 11 Waiting on a Friend 12 Miss You 13 All About You 14 I Wanna Hold You 15 It's Only Rock'n'Roll 16 The Last Time 17 Like a Rolling Stone 18 Sympathy for the Devil 19 Tumbling Dice 20 Honky Tonk Women 21 Start Me Up 22 Jumping Jack Flash 23 You Can't Always Get What You Want 24 Brown Sugar

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United States 12 December 1997

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