Let There Be Light! Trailer

Let There Be Light! Trailer (1998)

08 July 1998 Comedy 110 mins

God comes to Earth in order to make a film.

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Tchéky Karyo

as Harper

Ticky Holgado

as L'ange René

Pierre Arditi

as La voix de Dieu l'invisible (voix seulement)

Patrick Bouchitey

as Dieu le pilote

Arielle Dombasle

as Dieu la Blonde

Elie Semoun

as Dieu le magasinier

Catherine Jacob

as Dieu Suzanne

Frédéric Mitterrand

as Dieu l'automobiliste

Yolande Moreau

as Dieu contractuelle

François Morel

as Dieu le fossoyeur

Michel Galabru

as Dieu le méridional

Patrick Poivre d'Arvor

as Dieu le journaliste


as Dieu le chauffeur de Harper


as Dieu l'infirmière

Zinedine Soualem

as Dieu l'éboueur


Nikos Meletopoulos

Nikos Meletopoulos Production Design

Angélique Nachon

Original Music Composer

Philippe Welt

Philippe Welt Director of Photography

Jean-Claude Nachon

Original Music Composer

Madeline Fontaine

Madeline Fontaine Costume Design

International Releases Dates

France 08 July 1998

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