Nightworld: Lost Souls Trailer

Nightworld: Lost Souls Trailer (1998)

"They Only Come Out At Night..." 12 November 1998 Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery 90 mins

As a family moves into their new country home, strange events occur, making them believe that their autistic daughter is somehow communicating with the victims of an unsolved murder 8 years earlier.

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John Savage

as Victor Robinson

Barbara Sukowa

as Sheila Robinson

Nick Deigman

as Jesse Robinson

Laura Harling

as Megan Robinson

Richard Lintern

as Graham Scofield

Robert Sherman

as George Gifford

Jean-François Wolff

as Elson Garrett

Ted Rusoff

as Humphrey Garrett

Christian Erickson

as Jack Mennias

Claudette Roche

as Dr. Hollings

Gary Beadle

as Stuart Markle

Mark O'Hagan

as Young Elson


Jon Joffin

Jon Joffin Director of Photography

Cynthia Dumont

Cynthia Dumont Costume Design

Sheila Haley

Sheila Haley Production Design

Ken Gord

Ken Gord Producer

Stephen Ujlaki

Stephen Ujlaki Executive Producer

David Perlmutter

David Perlmutter Executive Producer

Jimmy de Brabant

Jimmy de Brabant Co-Producer

Lewis Chesler

Lewis Chesler Executive Producer

International Titles

Lost Souls Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 12 November 1998

United States 12 November 1998

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