Six Days Seven Nights Trailer

Six Days Seven Nights Trailer (1998)

"After this week in paradise, they’re going to need a vacation." 12 June 1998 Adventure, Action, Comedy 98 mins

When Quinn, a grouchy pilot living the good life in the South Pacific, agrees to transfer a savvy fashion editor, Robin, to Tahiti, he ends up stranded on a deserted island with her after their plane crashes. The pair avoid each other at first, until they're forced to team up to escape from the island -- and some pirates who want their heads.

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Harrison Ford

as Quinn Harris

Anne Heche

as Robin Monroe

David Schwimmer

as Frank Martin

Allison Janney

as Marjorie

Cliff Curtis

as Pierce

Danny Trejo

as Pierce

Douglas Weston

as Philippe Sinclair, Resort Manager

Ben Bode

as Tom Marlowe, Helicopter Pilot

Derek Basco

as Ricky, Helicopter Crewman

Amy Sedaris

as Robin's Secretary

Priscilla Taylor

as Bathing Suit Girl

Long Nguyen

as Pirate

John Koyama

as Pirate

Jen Sung

as Pirate


Randy Edelman

Original Music Composer

Michael Chapman

Michael Chapman Director of Photography

J. Michael Riva

J. Michael Riva Production Design

David F. Klassen

David F. Klassen Supervising Art Director

Richard F. Mays

Richard F. Mays Art Direction

Lauri Gaffin

Lauri Gaffin Set Decoration

Gloria Gresham

Gloria Gresham Costume Design

Walt Hadfield

Walt Hadfield Construction Coordinator

Lawrence J. Cavanaugh

Lawrence J. Cavanaugh Special Effects Coordinator

International Titles

Sex Tage sieben Nächte Trailer

6デイズ/7ナイツ Trailer

Seis días, Siete noches Trailer

Six Days, Seven Nights Trailer

International Releases Dates

Canada 12 June 1998

Germany 25 June 1998

Denmark 21 August 1998

France 26 August 1998

United Kingdom 03 July 1998

United States 12 June 1998

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