The Marionette Trailer

The Marionette Trailer (1998)

01 January 1998 92 mins

A young man named Bruno bought a music box with a delicate and cute figurine from an old pervert magician. During the night, the figurine comes alive and starts masturbating frantically. Bruno thinks he dreamed it, but the next day the doll speaks and tells her story. She was an au pair for a provincial nobleman who introduced her to the pleasures of the flesh. She was exchanged for another magician girl whose sexual performance had seduced the count. The magician then locked her in this box to ensure obedience. She begs Bruno to help her escape by stealing a famous magic necklace. He does, but then discovers with horror that he fell into a trap...because the girl is an accomplice of the evil old magician and he is now locked in the music box.

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as Vivienne

Dino Toscani

as First male doll

Kate More

as The marionette

Karen Lancaume

as Bruno's girlfriend

Bruno SX

as Bruno

Philippe Dean

as The Earl

Anita Blond

as The Countess


as The maid

Mike Foster

as Friend of the Earl and the Countess' lover


as Blonde doll

Rodolphe Antrim

as The Earl's valet

Marc Dorcel

as The magician


Alain Payet


Marc Dorcel

Marc Dorcel Producer

Serge De Beaurivage

Serge De Beaurivage Cinematography

International Titles

La Marioneta Trailer

La Marionnette Trailer

Marionette del Vizio Trailer

Marioneta Trailer

International Releases Dates

France 01 January 1998

United States 05 April 2001

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