Office Space Trailer

Office Space Trailer (1999)

"Work sucks." 19 February 1999 Comedy, Crime 89 mins

Three office workers strike back at their evil employers by hatching a hapless attempt to embezzle money.

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Ron Livingston

as Peter Gibbons

David Herman

as Michael Bolton

Ajay Naidu

as Samir Nagheenanajar

Diedrich Bader

as Lawrence

Stephen Root

as Milton Waddams

Gary Cole

as Bill Lumbergh

Richard Riehle

as Tom Smykowski

Joe Bays

as Dom Portwood

John C. McGinley

as Bob Slydell

Paul Willson

as Bob Porter

Todd Duffey

as Brian

Greg Pitts

as Drew

Michael McShane

as Dr. Swanson (as Micheal McShane)


Mike Judge


Tim Suhrstedt

Tim Suhrstedt Director of Photography

Edward T. McAvoy

Edward T. McAvoy Production Design

Guy Riedel

Guy Riedel Executive Producer

John Frizzell

Original Music Composer

Adele Plauche

Adele Plauche Art Direction

International Titles

Enredos de oficina Trailer

La folie du travail Trailer

Alles Routine Trailer

Kontorrotter Trailer

35 heures, c'est déjà trop Trailer

Hivatali patkányok Trailer

Impiegati... male! Trailer

Risutora man Trailer

Ofis çilginligi Trailer

上班一條蟲 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 22 April 1999

Australia 15 April 1999

Germany 10 June 1999

Spain 11 June 1999

United Kingdom 01 January 2000

Italy 30 July 1999

Netherlands 23 September 1999

Portugal 04 June 1999

Singapore 15 April 1999

United States 19 February 1999

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