The Blair Witch Project Trailer

The Blair Witch Project Trailer (1999)

"The scariest movie of all time is a true story." 14 July 1999 Horror, Mystery 81 mins

In October of 1994 three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland, while shooting a documentary. A year later their footage was found.

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Heather Donahue

as Heather Donahue

Joshua Leonard

as Joshua 'Josh' Leonard

Michael C. Williams

as Michael 'Mike' Williams

Bob Griffith

as Short Fisherman

Jim King

as Interviewee

Sandra Sánchez

as Waitress (as Sandra Sanchez)

Ed Swanson

as Fisherman With Glasses

Patricia DeCou

as Mary Brown

Mark Mason

as Man in Yellow Hat

Jackie Hallex

as Interviewee with Child


Robin Cowie

Robin Cowie Producer

Gregg Hale

Gregg Hale Producer

Tony Cora

Original Music Composer

Neal Fredericks

Neal Fredericks Director of Photography

Brigan Gresh

Brigan Gresh Scenic Artist

International Titles

El proyecto Blair Witch Trailer

Проклятието Блеър Trailer

A Bruxa de Blair Trailer

Le projet Blair Trailer

The Blair Witch Project 1 Trailer

Blair Witch Project Trailer

El proyecto de la bruja de Blair Trailer

Le projet Blair Witch Trailer

Projekt: Vještica iz Blaira Trailer

Ideglelés Trailer

Ideglelés - The Blair Witch Project Trailer

The Blair Witch project - Il mistero della strega di Blair Trailer

El proyecto de la bruja de Blair Trailer

O Projecto Blair Witch Trailer

Veštica iz Blera Trailer

Ведьма из Блэр Trailer

El Proyecto de la Bruja de Blair Trailer

Blair cadisi Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 02 December 1999

Australia 09 December 1999

Belgium 20 October 1999

Brazil 01 October 1999

Switzerland 28 October 1999

Czech Republic 16 December 1999

Germany 25 November 1999

Denmark 02 December 1999

Estonia 21 January 2000

Egypt 24 November 1999

Spain 29 October 1999

Finland 05 November 1999

France 28 July 1999

United Kingdom 22 October 1999

Greece 10 December 1999

Hong Kong 14 October 1999

Hungary 30 December 1999

Ireland 22 October 1999

Israel 14 October 1999

Iceland 12 November 1999

Italy 18 February 2000

Korea 30 October 1999

Kuwait 02 February 2000

Malta 10 November 1999

Mexico 14 October 1999

Malaysia 27 January 2000

Netherlands 07 October 1999

Norway 22 October 1999

New Zealand 09 December 1999

Peru 02 December 1999

Philippines 03 November 1999

Poland 03 March 2000

Sweden 15 October 1999

Singapore 28 October 1999

Turkey 01 October 1999

Taiwan 02 October 1999

United States 30 July 1999

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