Peter Pan Trailer

Peter Pan Trailer (2000)

10 October 2000 Fantasy, Music, Family 104 mins

Broadway musical adaptation of the fabled children's story.

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Cathy Rigby

as Peter Pan

Paul Schoeffler

as Mr. Darling

Paul Schoeffler

as Mr. Darling / Captain Hook

Paul Schoeffler

as Captain Hook

Elisa Sagardia

as Wendy Darling

Barbara McCulloh

as Mrs. Darling / Mermaid

Michael Nostrand

as Mr. Smee

Dana Solimando

as Liza / Tiger Lily

Barry Cavanagh

as John Darling

Drake English

as Michael Darling

Sam Zeller

as Starkey

Thomas Buck Mason

as Nana / Bill Jukes / Crocodile

Janet Higgins

as 1st Twin

Joseph Favalora

as 2nd Twin

Scott Bridges

as Slightly Soiled


Marc Bauman

Marc Bauman Producer

Tom McCoy

Tom McCoy Executive Producer

Kris Slava

Kris Slava Executive Producer

David Walmsley

David Walmsley Executive Producer

Alan Adelman

Alan Adelman Director of Photography

Frank Garritano

Frank Garritano Line Producer

Michelle Bessey

Michelle Bessey Production Manager

John Iacovelli

John Iacovelli Production Design

John Iacovelli

John Iacovelli Costume Design

François Bergeron

François Bergeron Sound Designer

Patti Columbo

Patti Columbo Choreographer

International Titles

Cathy Rigby is Peter Pan Trailer

Peter Pan (with Cathy Rigby) Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 10 October 2000

Production Companies

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