Scandalize My Name: Stories from the Blacklist Trailer

Scandalize My Name: Stories from the Blacklist Trailer (2000)

01 January 2000 54 mins

A documentary look at the confluence of the Red scare, McCarthyism, and blacklists with the post-war activism by African Americans seeking more and better roles on radio, television, and stage. It begins in Harlem, measures the impact of Paul Robeson and the campaign to bring him down, looks at the role of HUAC, J. Edgar Hoover and of journalists such as Ed Sullivan, and ends with a tribute to Canada Lee. Throughout are interviews with men and women who were there, including Dick Campbell of the Rose McLendon Players and Fredrick O'Neal of the American Negro Theatre. In the 1940s and 1950s, anti-Communism was one more tool to maintain Jim Crow and to keep down African-Americans.

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Morgan Freeman

as Himself

Dick Campbell

as Himself

Ossie Davis

as Himself

Paul Robeson

as Himself (Archival Footage)

Joseph Wershba

as Himself (Broadcast Journalist)

J. Edgar Hoover

as Himself (Archival Footage)

Jackie Robinson

as Himself (Archival Footage)

Hazel Scott

as Herself (Archival Footage)

Adam Clayton Powell III

as Himself (son of Hazel Scott)

Sidney Poitier

as Reverend Msimangu (archive footage)

Canada Lee

as Stephen Kumalo (archive footage)

Erik Barnouw

as Himself (broadcast historian)

Gregory Abbott

as Newsreel Narrator (voice) (archive sound)


Dovie Powell Banks

Dovie Powell Banks Associate Producer

Cassandra Barbour

Cassandra Barbour Associate Producer

William Miles

William Miles Consulting Producer

Rick Bradley

Rick Bradley Sound Editor

Bill Wander

Bill Wander Sound Director

Paul Koestner

Paul Koestner Camera Operator

Daniel Liss

Daniel Liss Still Photographer

Denis Maloney

Denis Maloney Camera Operator

Susan Walsh

Susan Walsh Still Photographer

Marcos Levy

Marcos Levy Post Production Supervisor

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Scandalize My Name Trailer

Stories From The Blacklist Trailer

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United States 01 January 2000

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