Artificial Telepathy Trailer

Artificial Telepathy Trailer (2001)

"The ultimate weapon is the human mind" 01 January 2001 Action, Sci-Fi 90 mins

Sci-fi thriller starring Jeff Beach as Griffin Michael, the only survivor of five people raised in a top-secret C.I.A. program to make them into 'superweapons' - human killing machines. Griffin has been trained to use his mind as a weapon: with a small brain impulse he can move objects hundreds of times his own weight, and can kill with a single thought. Now he is about to be released from the remote secret facility where he has been raised, and unleashed on an unsuspecting world...

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Judge Reinhold

as Evan Mink

William Zabka

as Rojack

Victor Brown

as Jerry Cheminsky

Rositzsa Chorbadjiiska

as Sylvia Cheminsky

Jochen Nickel

as Hans Martina

Stela Prokopieva

as Jules Denton

Iulian Vergov

as Preznev

Valentin Ganev

as Dr. Slovak Janko

Ivan Balsamagiev

as Gypsy Leader

Milen Vangelov

as Vladimir Cheminsky

Antoaneta Dobreva

as Maria Cheminsky

Lubomir Vulchev

as Foster Mother

Iskra Angelova

as Foster Father


Dave Jerrard

Dave Jerrard Animation

Michael Ash

Michael Ash Animation

Emil Marko

Emil Marko Stunt Coordinator

Bradley Mullennix

Bradley Mullennix CGI Supervisor

David L. Chan

David L. Chan Animation

Mike Fischer

Mike Fischer Animation

Steve Kaplan

Steve Kaplan Animation

Jerad Kissack

Jerad Kissack Animation

Dennis Michel

Dennis Michel Animation

Tim Petre

Tim Petre Animation

Eric Quach

Eric Quach Animation

International Titles

Project: Human Weapon Trailer

International Releases Dates

Finland 01 January 2001

Norway 13 February 2002

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