Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India Trailer

Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India Trailer (2001)

"Once upon a time in India" 15 June 2001 Adventure, Drama, Music 224 mins

Lagaan tells the tale of the Indian village Champaner, beset by drought and British colonialism in the year 1893. Without a drop of rain in months, the worried villagers of Champaner decide to ask the local authorities for a temporary repeal of their taxes -- the hated lagaan. Led by the heroic Bhuvan (Indian superstar Aamir Khan) they bring their plight to the military governor, Captain Russell (Paul Blackthorne). But the sadistic Russell threatens to raise the lagaan threefold, unless the villagers can beat his men at a game of cricket, in which case he'll lift taxes on the entire province for a period of three years. Bhuvan accepts the challenge, but there's a problem -- no one in Champaner knows how to play cricket. A band of misfits come to the rescue, coached by Russell's soft-hearted sister Elizabeth (Rachel Shelley), and the race is on to be ready in three months' time. An epic reworking of Victory with eye-popping song-and-dance routines.

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Aamir Khan

as Bhuvan

Gracy Singh

as Gauri

Rachel Shelley

as Elizabeth Russell

Paul Blackthorne

as Captain Andrew Russell

Suhasini Mulay

as Yashodamai, Bhuvan's mother

Kulbhushan Kharbanda

as Raja Puran Singh

Raghuvir Yadav

as Bhura, the poultry farmer

Rajesh Vivek

as Guran, the fortune teller

Akhilendra Mishra

as Arjan, the blacksmith

Shri Vallabh Vyas

as Ishwar, Gauri's Father

Yashpal Sharma

as Lakha, the woodcutter

Amin Hajee

as Bagha, the mute drummer

Aditya Lakhia

as Kachra, the untouchable

Javed Khan

as Ram Singh

Rajendranath Zutshi

as Ismail, the potter


Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan Producer

Anil Mehta

Anil Mehta Cinematography

Nitin Chandrakant Desai

Nitin Chandrakant Desai Production Design

Bhanu Athaiya

Bhanu Athaiya Costume Design

Nicole Demers

Nicole Demers Makeup Artist

Urvashi Chugani

Urvashi Chugani Assistant Director

Abbas Ali Moghul

Abbas Ali Moghul Stunt Coordinator

International Titles

Lagaan: Érase una vez en la India Trailer

Lagaan: Era uma Vez na Índia Trailer

Lagaan - Es war einmal in Indien Trailer

Lagaan - olipa kerran Intiassa Trailer

Land Tax Trailer

Lagaan: Dawno temu w Indiach Trailer

Lagan: Bilo jednom u Indiji Trailer

Лагаан: Однажды в Индии Trailer

Lagaan - Det var en gång i Indien Trailer

International Releases Dates

France 26 June 2002

United Kingdom 15 June 2001

India 15 June 2001

Italy 23 August 2002

Kuwait 04 July 2001

Sweden 12 November 2001

United States 15 June 2001

Production Companies

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