Nobel Trailer

Nobel Trailer (2001)

16 November 2001 Drama 110 mins

A movie from the italian director Fabio Carpi.

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Stanislas Merhar

as Alessandro

Otto Tausig

as Gustav

Katja Riemann

as Kristina

Bea Nedvig

as Alphonsine

Mari Törőcsik

as Inge Dietrich

Lea Mornar

as Gretchen

Buddy Elias

as Jensen

David Hirsh

as Lindau

Gabi Gelle

as Marlene

Lajos Mezey

as Fritz


Fabio Carpi


Fabio Cianchetti

Fabio Cianchetti Cinematography

Amedeo Fago

Amedeo Fago Production Design

Roberta Patalani

Roberta Patalani Art Direction

Silvana Carpi

Silvana Carpi Costume Design

Éva Kozma

Éva Kozma Makeup Artist

Carlo Carpentieri

Carlo Carpentieri Production Manager

John Cesaroni

John Cesaroni Post Production Supervisor

Gábor Rajna

Gábor Rajna Production Manager

Zoltán Bonta

Zoltán Bonta Second Unit

International Releases Dates

France 22 November 2002

Italy 16 November 2001

Russia 22 June 2002

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