Rush Hour 2 Trailer

Rush Hour 2 Trailer (2001)

"Get ready for a second Rush!" 03 August 2001 Action, Comedy, Thriller 90 mins

It's vacation time for Carter as he finds himself alongside Lee in Hong Kong wishing for more excitement. While Carter wants to party and meet the ladies, Lee is out to track down a Triad gang lord who may be responsible for killing two men at the American Embassy. Things get complicated as the pair stumble onto a counterfeiting plot. The boys are soon up to their necks in fist fights and life-threatening situations. A trip back to the U.S. may provide the answers about the bombing, the counterfeiting, and the true allegiance of sexy customs agent Isabella.

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Chris Tucker

as Det. James Carter

Jackie Chan

as Chief Insp. Lee

Zhang Ziyi

as Hu Li

Roselyn Sánchez

as Isabella Molina

Don Cheadle

as Kenny

John Lone

as Ricky Tan

Maggie Q

as Girl in Car

Alan King

as Steve Reign

Harris Yulin

as Agent Sterling

Kenneth Tsang

as Captain Chin

Lisa LoCicero

as Receptionist

Meiling Melançon

as Girl in Car

Lucy Lin

as Heaven on Earth Hostess

Cindy Lu

as Heaven on Earth Hostess #2

Jeremy Piven

as Versace Salesman


Ross LaManna

Ross LaManna Characters

Matthew F. Leonetti

Matthew F. Leonetti Director of Photography

Terence Marsh

Terence Marsh Production Design

International Titles

Heure limite 2 Trailer

ラッシュアワー2 Trailer

Una Pareja Explosiva 2 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Australia 03 October 2001

Czech Republic 18 March 2002

Germany 07 February 2002

France 29 August 2001

United Kingdom 03 August 2001

Greece 07 September 2001

Hungary 07 February 2002

Italy 19 April 2002

United States 03 August 2001

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