Cover Story Trailer

Cover Story Trailer (2002)

20 February 2002 Thriller 96 mins

An ambitious magazine editor gets too caught up in a high-stakes sex scandal and is framed for murder.

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Elizabeth Berkley

as Samantha Noble

Costas Mandylor

as Kevin Dodd

J. R. Bourne

as Mark Peck

Joey DePinto

as Detective Joe Sacco

Doug MacLeod

as Nate Jakow (as Douglas MacLeod)

Cris Nannarone

as Dominic Graza

Andy Maton

as Richie Graza

Femi Adeniyi

as D.A. Goodin

Lorette Clow

as Blair Albright

Brian Gromoff

as Judge Rigdy

Anna Okuszko

as Judge Albright

Mary Salardino

as Julie (voice)

Brian Stollery

as Dr. Bruce Kearn (as Brain Stollery)

Dan Payne

as Uniformed Cop


Eric Weston


Mike Shields

Original Music Composer

John P. Tarver

John P. Tarver Director of Photography

Pat Goettler

Pat Goettler Art Direction

Chad Oakes

Chad Oakes Producer

Diane Daou

Diane Daou Executive Producer

Tony Vincent

Tony Vincent Executive Producer

International Titles

La verdad o la muerte Trailer

Investigação Perigosa Trailer

Ambition fatale Trailer

Crimen en portada Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 20 February 2002

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