Kamchatka Trailer

Kamchatka Trailer (2002)

17 October 2002 Drama 106 mins

The movie show us how life was in Argentina for dissident people, in the seventies, under the military government.

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Cecilia Roth

as Mother

Héctor Alterio

as Grandfather

Fernanda Mistral

as Grandmother

Nicolás Cantafio

as Bertuccio

Mónica Scapparone

as Bertuccio's Mother

Milton De La Canal

as Simon / El Enano / Tiny

Evelyn Domínguez

as Niña Morena

Gabriel Galíndez

as Military Guard

Maria Socas

as Mom's Friend

Juan Carrasco

as Priest

Demián Bugallo

as School Mate

Oscar Ferrigno Jr.

as Father Juan


Bingen Mendizábal

Original Music Composer

Alfredo Mayo

Alfredo Mayo Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

United States 17 October 2002

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