Van Kooten & De Bie: Our Look Our 8 - Return ticket Juinen Trailer

Van Kooten & De Bie: Our Look Our 8 - Return ticket Juinen Trailer (2002)

01 October 2002 Comedy 110 mins

To rediscovery of Van der Vaart and Hekking, the new DVD in the series Our Look Our - Van Kooten & De Bie was dominated by Juinen.Op October 20, 1982, in the central Netherlands, the village Juinen discovered. Until March 1, 1998 brought Mayor Hans van der Vaart and alderman Tjolk Hekking regular reports on the ups and downs in their community. The cuts, the tolerance, the illegals, the Doe Maar-mania, the park plans, the WWII memorial, the motorcycling in the church and the competition with the neighboring municipality Weksel To receive this compilation Juinense wide attention. A thick hundred minutes of stroll through Juinen!

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Netherlands 01 October 2002

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