Mick Øgendahl - Micktrix Trailer

Mick Øgendahl - Micktrix Trailer (2003)

13 June 2003 Comedy 100 mins

Micktrix er et one man show af stand-up-komikeren Mick Øgendahl fra 2000

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Kasper Bang

as Speaker (Voice)

Mick Øgendahl

as Himself

L:Ron Harald

as Himself

Frank Hvam

as Himself

Rikke Justesen

as Speaker (Voice)

Anders Matthesen

as Stewart Stardust

Rasmus Trads

as Himself (archive footage)

Annette Veltz

as Mitzi, ex-girlfriend

Finn Veltz

as Jørn, ex-boyfriend

Martin Vendelbo

as Himself (as Robinson-Martin)


Tue Kempf

Tue Kempf Producer

Charlotte Høgh

Charlotte Høgh Production Manager

Martin Veltz

Martin Veltz Art Department Assistant

Martin Birch

Martin Birch Sound Design Assistant

Erik Høirup

Erik Høirup Sound mixer

Jesper Mogensen

Jesper Mogensen Sound Design Assistant

Martin Birch

Martin Birch Camera Operator

Jesper Bøjlund

Jesper Bøjlund Camera Operator

International Releases Dates

Denmark 13 June 2003

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