Normal Trailer

Normal Trailer (2003)

"Love. Marriage. Acceptance. Sex change." 21 January 2003 Drama 110 mins

A Midwestern husband and father announces his plan to have a sex change operation.

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Tom Wilkinson

as Roy 'Ruth' Applewood

Jessica Lange

as Irma Applewood

Hayden Panettiere

as Patty Ann Applewood

Richard Bull

as Roy Sr.

Joseph Sikora

as Wayne Applewood

Mary Seibel

as Em - Roy's Mother

Danny Goldring

as Church Friend Pete

Randall Arney

as Reverend Dale Muncie

Rich Komenich

as Co-Worker Bob

Kirk Anderson

as Machinist

Barbara Ann Grimes

as Thrift Store Owner

Tony Fitzpatrick

as Brother-In-Law Carl

Dan Conway

as Brother-In-Law Bert

Rick Touhy

as Kay's Husband

Cynthia Baker

as Roy's Sister Margie


Alex Wurman

Original Music Composer

Alar Kivilo

Alar Kivilo Director of Photography

International Titles

Eine Frage der Liebe Trailer

Kata lathos andras Trailer

Meghasonlás Trailer

Normalny Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 18 August 2004

Czech Republic 24 January 2004

Germany 11 June 2004

Finland 11 February 2005

France 15 May 2003

Hungary 14 April 2005

Netherlands 10 August 2004

Norway 16 June 2004

Poland 09 October 2003

Sweden 11 January 2009

United States 21 January 2003

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