John Kay & Steppenwolf - Live In Louisville Trailer

John Kay & Steppenwolf - Live In Louisville Trailer (2004)

19 October 2004 Music 80 mins

Track list: 1. SOOKIE SOOKIE (D. Covay / S. Cropper) 2. ROCK AND ROLL REBELS (Kay/Wilk/Ritchotte) 3. ROCK ME (J. Kay) 4. I'M MOVIN' ON (H. Snow) 5. ENDLESS COMMERCIAL (John Kay) 6. HEY LAWDY MAMA (J.Kay/L.Byrom/J.Edmonton) 7. HOLD ON (NEVER GIVE UP NEVER GIVE IN) (Kay/Wilk/Ritchotte) 8. RIDE WITH ME (M.Bonfire) 9. SHE'S GOT THE GOODS (John Kay) 10. HOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN (W. Dixon) 11. SNOWBLIND FRIEND (H.Axton) 12. MONSTER (J. Kay / J. Edmonton) 13. MAGIC CARPET RIDE (J. Kay / R. Moreve) 14. BORN TO BE WILD (M. Bonfire) 15. THE PUSHER (H. Axton)

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John Kay

as Himself - Vocals / Guitar

Danny Johnson

as Himself - Guitar

Michael Wilk

as Himself - Bass / Keyboards

Ron Hurst

as Himself - Drums

International Releases Dates

United States 19 October 2004

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