Starsky & Hutch Trailer

Starsky & Hutch Trailer (2004)

"They're the man." 05 March 2004 Comedy, Crime 101 mins

Join uptight David Starsky and laid-back Ken "Hutch" Hutchinson as they're paired for the first time as undercover cops. The new partners must overcome their differences to solve an important case with help from street informant Huggy Bear and persuasive criminal Reese Feldman.

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Ben Stiller

as David Starsky

Owen Wilson

as Ken Hutchinson

Snoop Dogg

as Huggy Bear

Fred Williamson

as Captain Doby

Vince Vaughn

as Reese Feldman

Will Ferrell

as Big Earl

Amy Smart

as Holly

Molly Sims

as Mrs. Feldman

Sara Swain

as Elizabeth


William Blinn

William Blinn Characters

Gilbert Adler

Gilbert Adler Executive Producer

Tony Ludwig

Tony Ludwig Producer

Alan Riche

Alan Riche Producer

Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller Executive Producer

Michael Babcock

Michael Babcock Sound Designer

International Titles

Старски и Хъч Trailer

Starsky und Hutch Trailer

Starsky y Hutch Trailer

starsky & hutch Trailer

Starsky et Hutch Trailer

Στάρσκι & Χατς Trailer

Starski i Hač Trailer

Старски и Хатч Trailer

Starsky y Hutch Trailer

Starsky and Hutch Trailer

International Releases Dates

Australia 08 April 2004

Canada 05 March 2004

Germany 25 March 2004

Denmark 30 April 2004

Spain 16 April 2004

France 21 April 2004

United Kingdom 19 March 2004

Netherlands 29 April 2004

United States 05 March 2004

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