Andre Mehmari e Na Ozzetti - Piano e Voz Trailer

Andre Mehmari e Na Ozzetti - Piano e Voz Trailer (2005)

06 November 2005 Music 22 mins

Then it was to be only a show and became an album. Best for Brazilian music. The CD André Mehmari - Na Ozzetti - piano and voice brings together for the first time, the precious voice Na Ozzetti and the talent of pianist André Mehmari in a handful of songs that scans the Brazilian music in various periods and also covers what best in international song. The repertoire, which has the song Mehmari own, in partnership with Cristina Saraiva (Vôo da Bailarina) and goes to Pixinguinha (Rosa) but also passes by Caetano Veloso (O Ciúme), Luiz Tatit and Dante Ozzetti (Nosso Amor), Zé Miguel wisnik and Paulo Neves (Pérolas aos Poucos), Nelson Ukulele (Luz Negra) and Tom Jobim (Gabriela), among others.

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Brazil 06 November 2005

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