Creedence Clearwater Revival - Featuring John Fogerty Trailer

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Featuring John Fogerty Trailer (2005)

28 October 2005 Music

Live Clips: 01. Introduction 02. Down on the corner [CCR] 03. Fortunate son [CCR} 04. The night time is the right time [CCR] 05. Proud Mary [CCR] 06. Looking out my backdoor [CCR] 07. Sweet Hitch-hiker [CCR] 08. Tombstone shadow [CCR, live] 09. Travelin' band [CCR, live] 10. Midnight special [CCR, live] 11. Bad moon rising [CCR, live] 12. Proud Mary [CCR, live] 13. Keep on chooglin' [CCR, live] 14. Green river [CCR, live] 15. Leave my woman alone [John Fogerty, live] 16. Let's go! [John Fogerty, live] 17. Hoochie coochie man [John Fogerty, live] Bonus video clips: 18. My toot toot [John Fogerty, live] 19. Vanz kant danz [John Fogerty] 20. The rodeo king [The Left Alone, instrumental]

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United States 28 October 2005

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