Dance of Calabash - Exu in Brazil Trailer

Dance of Calabash - Exu in Brazil Trailer (2005)

24 May 2005 Factual 54 mins

Dance of Calabash - Exu in Brazil is an poetic investigation on the African divinity Exu in the brazilian imaginary. Alongside other Yoruba Gods, Exu was brought to Brazil by the slaves and became demonized during the colonial period, when catholic missions in Africa and in Brazil concealed its original attributes. In Africa, Exu was viewed as the beginning of life, the force that moved bodies, the lord of the paths and cross-roads. It was the main link between the dead and the gods. For the Christians, it became the personification of evil, due to its falic symbol and astute behaviour. Directed by Kiko Dinucci, the movie investigates the different African-brazilian religions, such as candomblé (Nagô, Gege and Bantu traditions), Tambor de Mina, Umbanda and Quimbanda. Special appearances of priests, clergyman and scholars.

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