Flightplan Trailer

Flightplan Trailer (2005)

"If Someone Took Everything You Live For... How Far Would You Go To Get It Back?" 22 September 2005 Drama, Thriller, Mystery 98 mins

A claustrophobic, Hitchcockian thriller. A bereaved woman and her daughter are flying home from Berlin to America. At 30,000 feet the child vanishes and nobody admits she was ever on that plane.

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Jodie Foster

as Kyle Pratt

Sean Bean

as Captain Rich

Kate Beahan

as Stephanie

Assaf Cohen

as Ahmed

Shane Edelman

as Mr. Loud

Mary Gallagher

as Mrs. Loud

Haley Ramm

as Brittany Loud

Forrest Landis

as Rhett Loud

Judith Scott

as Estella


James Whitaker

James Whitaker Executive Producer

James Horner

Original Music Composer

Florian Ballhaus

Florian Ballhaus Director of Photography

Priscilla Elliott

Priscilla Elliott Art Department Manager

Judi Townsend

Judi Townsend Script Supervisor

International Titles

Plano de Vôo Trailer

Plan de vol Trailer

Plan de vuelo: desaparecida Trailer

フライトプラン Trailer

Plan lotu Trailer

Pânico a Bordo Trailer

Иллюзия полета Trailer

空中危機 Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 23 November 2005

Argentina 06 October 2005

Austria 20 October 2005

Australia 10 November 2005

Belgium 26 October 2005

Bulgaria 04 November 2005

Brazil 21 October 2005

Switzerland 09 November 2005

Czech Republic 17 November 2005

Germany 12 October 2005

Denmark 14 October 2005

Estonia 14 October 2005

Egypt 16 November 2005

Spain 11 November 2005

Finland 21 October 2005

France 09 November 2005

United Kingdom 25 November 2005

Greece 17 November 2005

Hong Kong 13 October 2005

Hungary 27 October 2005

Ireland 25 November 2005

Israel 22 September 2005

Iceland 14 October 2005

Italy 04 November 2005

Korea 11 November 2005

Kuwait 23 November 2005

Lithuania 04 November 2005

Latvia 18 November 2005

Mexico 30 September 2005

Malaysia 20 October 2005

Netherlands 10 November 2005

Norway 21 October 2005

Panama 18 November 2005

Philippines 09 November 2005

Poland 14 October 2005

Portugal 10 November 2005

Romania 18 November 2005

Sweden 21 October 2005

Singapore 20 October 2005

Slovenia 24 November 2005

Thailand 20 October 2005

Turkey 11 November 2005

United States 23 September 2005

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