Mindhunters Trailer

Mindhunters Trailer (2005)

"For seven elite profilers, finding a serial killer is a process of elimination. Their own." 01 July 2005 Thriller, Crime, Mystery 106 mins

Trainees in the FBI's psychological profiling program must put their training into practice when they discover a killer in their midst.

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LL Cool J

as Gabe Jensen

Jonny Lee Miller

as Lucas Harper

Kathryn Morris

as Sara Moore

Patricia Velásquez

as Nicole Willis

Clifton Collins, Jr.

as Vince Sherman

Eion Bailey

as Bobby Whitman

Will Kemp

as Rafe Perry

Val Kilmer

as Jake Harris

Christian Slater

as J.D. Reston

Daniël Boissevain

as Second Man in the Bar

Antonie Kamerling

as Man in the Bar

Jasmine Sendar

as Friend of Jen

Trevor White

as Attacker


Lou Huijs

Lou Huijs Property Master

Moritz Borman

Moritz Borman Executive Producer

Cary Brokaw

Cary Brokaw Producer

Hans De Weers

Hans De Weers Co-Producer

Guy East

Guy East Executive Producer

Erwin Godschalk

Erwin Godschalk Co-Producer

Renny Harlin

Renny Harlin Executive Producer

Basil Iwanyk

Basil Iwanyk Executive Producer

International Titles

La isla Maldita Trailer

Ловци на мисли Trailer

Caçadores de Mentes Trailer

Psycho-Traqueurs Trailer

Jede Sekunde zählt - Mindhunters Trailer

Mindhunters - Jede Sekunde zählt Trailer

Mõrvar Meie Seas Trailer

To kynigi tou dolofonou Trailer

Lovci na ubojice Trailer

Egy gyilkos agya Trailer

La isla Maldita Trailer

Cazadores de Mentes Trailer

Lovci na misli Trailer

La isla maldita Trailer

Mõrvar Meie Seas Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 16 June 2004

Argentina 04 October 2005

Austria 25 June 2004

Azerbaijan 30 July 2004

Belgium 21 July 2004

Bulgaria 05 August 2005

Bahrain 14 July 2004

Brazil 09 November 2005

Bahamas 26 May 2005

Belarus 30 July 2004

Canada 13 May 2005

Chile 23 June 2005

China 25 November 2004

Czech Republic 01 February 2005

Germany 24 June 2004

Dominican Republic 26 May 2005

Estonia 26 November 2004

Egypt 25 May 2005

Spain 20 August 2004

Finland 04 June 2004

France 06 July 2005

United Kingdom 24 June 2004

Georgia 30 July 2004

Greece 02 August 2004

Hong Kong 25 November 2004

Croatia 14 July 2005

Hungary 02 March 2005

Indonesia 05 January 2005

Israel 06 October 2005

Iran 01 February 2005

Iceland 19 November 2004

Italy 26 August 2005

Korea 26 August 2005

Kuwait 05 January 2005

Kazakhstan 30 July 2004

Lebanon 20 August 2004

Sri Lanka 30 July 2004

Lithuania 05 November 2004

Luxembourg 21 July 2004

Latvia 05 November 2004

Mexico 24 June 2005

Netherlands 08 July 2004

Norway 27 October 2004

Philippines 27 October 2004

Puerto Rico 26 May 2005

Portugal 16 December 2004

Russia 30 July 2004

Singapore 14 July 2005

Thailand 07 May 2004

Turkey 04 November 2005

Ukraine 30 July 2004

United States 13 May 2005

South Africa 01 July 2005

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