O Dono do Mar Trailer

O Dono do Mar Trailer (2005)

01 January 2005 Drama, Romance

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Jackson Costa

as Antão Cristório

Daniela Escobar

as Camborina

Regiane Alves

as Germana

Sérgio Marone

as Jerumenho

Samara Felippo

as Quertide

Isadora Ribeiro

as Maria das Águas

Déo Garcês

as Garatoso

Paula Franco

as Maria Dina

Aldo Leite

as Arduto

Antonio Gaspar

as Baldunino

Jorge Tadeu

as Carideno


Frank Dawe

Frank Dawe Screenstory

Fábio Gomes

Fábio Gomes Screenstory

Zahra Staub

Zahra Staub Assistant Art Director

Fábio Cabral

Fábio Cabral Director of Photography

Sidney Santiago

Sidney Santiago Set Designer

Manoel Martins

Manoel Martins Electrician

Marcelo Marujo

Marcelo Marujo Electrician

Daniel Melito

Daniel Melito Sound Director

Eduardo Santos

Eduardo Santos Sound mixer

International Releases Dates

Brazil 01 January 2005

Production Companies

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