Ozomatli Live at the Filmore Trailer

Ozomatli Live at the Filmore Trailer (2005)

23 August 2005 Music 76 mins

Renowned as a live ensemble even before its first studio record, Ozomatli finally released a concert album seven years after its lauded 1998 debut. LIVE AT THE FILLMORE draws most heavily from that self-titled disc and the Los Angeles collective's 2004 outing, STREET SIGNS, with rock, funk, pop, and hip-hop elevated by the group's potent Latin rhythms. Ozomatli's performances do not disappoint; in fact, these tunes often outshine their studio counterparts, since they offer an added shot of spontaneity and energy. Ozomatli: Raúl Pacheco (vocals, guitars); Asdrubal Sierra (vocals, trumpet, keyboards); Justin "El Niño" Porée (rap vocals, percussion); Jabulani Smith-Freeman (rap vocals); Ulises Bella (clarinet, saxophone, keyboards, background vocals); Sheffer Bruton (trombone, background vocals); Wil-Dog Abers (electric bass, background vocals); Mario Calire (drums); Jiro Yamaguchi (tabla, percussion); DJ Spinobi (turntables).

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Ozomatli Live at the Fillmore Trailer

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United States 23 August 2005

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