Hocico ‎- A Través De Mundos Que Arden Trailer

Hocico ‎- A Través De Mundos Que Arden Trailer (2006)

10 March 2006 Music

The Hocico Live show was recorded at M'era Luna festival in Hildesheim, Germany on August 13th 2005. DVD special features include: * A day at The Wave Gotik Treffen 2005 * Mexicans at work - Sangre Hirviente recording sessions * A Broken Glass (Live at Kir Hamburg 2000) * 5 mins of fame - Interview for National Cable TV. 1999 * Memories of Home - Extracts of Hocico shows in Mexico City * Born to be (hated) - Animated Video Clip * Mexican Pose - Photo session at Erk's house 2001 for Signos de Aberracion * Forgotten Tears (Live at Werk II Leipzig 2004) * Cuando la Maldad Despierta - Video and Slide Show * Hocico speaking to the Crazy Clip TV. 2002 * Hell on Earth (Live at Kir Hamburg 2000) * Angry eyes on Mexico City - Visual impressions from Hocico’s metropolis * Wrack and Ruin visions – Extracts from the Backing Visuals 2004. * Instincts of Perversion (Live at AGRA WGT Leipzig 2002) * Hocico and the Hocicones - Signature session at Mera Luna 2005.

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Germany 10 March 2006

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