The Page Turner Trailer

The Page Turner Trailer (2006)

09 August 2006 Drama, Music 85 mins

Mélanie Prouvost, a ten-year-old butcher's daughter, is a gifted pianist. That is why she and her parents decide that she sit for the Conservatory entrance exam. Although Mélanie is very likely to be admitted, she unfortunately gets distracted by the president of the jury's offhand attitude and she fails. Ten years later, Mélanie becomes her page turner, waiting patiently for her revenge.

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Catherine Frot

as Ariane Fouchécourt

Déborah François

as Mélanie Prouvost

Pascal Greggory

as Jean Fouchécourt

Christine Citti

as Madame Prouvost

Clotilde Mollet

as Virginie

Jacques Bonnaffé

as Monsieur Prouvost

Antoine Martynciow

as Tristan Fouchécourt

André Marcon

as M. Werker

Julie Richalet

as Mélanie enfant

Martine Chevallier

as Mme Onfray

Arièle Butaux

as Présentatrice radio

Michèle Ernou

as Monique

Danièle Douet

as Femme autographe

Mark Reed

as Mc Guerman (as Marc Reed)

Jean Chrétien

as Mathias


Tom Dercourt

Tom Dercourt Executive Producer

Jérôme Peyrebrune

Jérôme Peyrebrune Director of Photography

Jérôme Lemonnier

Original Music Composer

Antoine Platteau

Antoine Platteau Costume Design

International Titles

La cambiadora de páginas Trailer

La que da vuelta las páginas Trailer

Ao Lado da Pianista Trailer

Das Mädchen, das die Seiten umblättert Trailer

Nodevenderen Trailer

La última nota Trailer

Pianistin sivunkääntäjä Trailer

La tourneuse de pages Trailer

To koritsi pou gyrizei tis selides Trailer

A bosszú kottája Trailer

La voltapagine Trailer

La cambiadora de páginas Trailer

Et spill for piano Trailer

Niewykorzystany dar Trailer

En studie i hämnd Trailer

Turning Pages Trailer

The Page Turner Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 07 March 2007

Belgium 09 August 2006

Canada 07 September 2006

Colombia 22 June 2007

Germany 03 May 2007

Denmark 09 February 2007

Spain 22 June 2007

Finland 21 September 2006

France 22 March 2007

United Kingdom 06 November 2006

Greece 01 February 2007

Hungary 24 December 2007

Israel 16 November 2006

Italy 09 February 2007

Korea 03 October 2007

Mexico 26 October 2007

Netherlands 01 November 2006

Norway 18 November 2006

Panama 28 August 2009

Russia 13 May 2010

Sweden 04 May 2007

Singapore 07 December 2006

Thailand 12 July 2007

Taiwan 14 November 2006

United States 03 September 2006

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