Crossed Tracks Trailer

Crossed Tracks Trailer (2007)

27 June 2007 Drama, Thriller 103 mins

The successful novelist Judith Ralitzer is interrogated in the police station about the disappearance of her ghost-writer. A serial-killer escapes from a prison in Paris. A missing school teacher leaves his wife and children. In the road, the annoying and stressed hairdresser Hughette is left in a gas station by her fiancé Paul while driving to the poor farm of her family in the country. A mysterious man offers a ride to her and she invites him to assume the identity of Paul during 24 hours to not disappoint her mother. Who might be the unknown man and what is real and what is fiction?

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Dominique Pinon

as Pierre Laclos

Audrey Dana

as Huguette, la « midinette »

Fanny Ardant

as Judith Ralitzer

Shaya Lelouch

as la fille d'Huguette

Myriam Boyer

as la mère d'Huguette

Michèle Bernier

as Florence, la sœur de Pierre Laclos

Zinedine Soualem

as le commissaire

Cyrille Eldin

as Paul, le « fiancé » d'Huguette

Gilles Lemaire

as le capitaine du bateau « Roman de gare »

Marc Rioufol

as le propriétaire du vignoble en Bourgogne

Serge Moati

as lui-même

William Leymergie

as la voix de la radio Autoroute info

Marine Royer

as Patricia


Gérard de Battista

Gérard de Battista Director of Photography

Rémi Bergman

Rémi Bergman Production Director

François Chauvaud

François Chauvaud Set Decoration

Marité Coutard

Marité Coutard Set Costumer

Alex Jaffray

Original Music Composer

Harald Maury

Harald Maury Sound Engineer

Jean-Charles Martel

Jean-Charles Martel Sound Engineer

International Releases Dates

Belgium 04 July 2007

France 27 June 2007

United States 01 December 2007

Production Companies

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