Go Diego Go! - The Great Jaguar Rescue Trailer

Go Diego Go! - The Great Jaguar Rescue Trailer (2007)

16 January 2007 Animated, Family 98 mins

Young animal lovers will growl, peep, caw, and squeak for this collection of four episodes from Nickelodeon's Dora spin-off series. While learning the habits of rainforest animals, viewers at home are encouraged to use their observation, matching, and listening skills to help animal rescuer Diego. Thanks to Diego and company (including Click, a camera voiced by Rosie Perez), Baby Jaguar gets his growl back in time to start the Jaguar Day celebration after the simian Bobo brothers trap his growl in a magic bottle ("The Great Jaguar Rescue"); Little Kinkajou is able to free his head from a beehive ("Little Kinkajou is in Beehive Trouble"); Mommy Macaw's wing is freed in time to tend to her babies' nest in the Tallest Tree ("The Mommy Macaw"); and a baby chinchilla is rescued from a breaking branch ("Chinta the Baby Chinchilla").

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