Still Small Voices Trailer

Still Small Voices Trailer (2007)

06 January 2007 Thriller 90 mins

A 911 operator receives a ghostly call from a child murdered thirty years before and becomes obsessed with unraveling the crime. What she discovers shatters her.

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Catherine Bell

as Michael Summer

Mark Humphrey

as Ash Summer

Damir Andrei

as Bud Atherton

Deborah Glover

as Anne Hartley

George Buza

as Wife Beater Terrance Reed

Eugene Clark

as Sergeant Gillett

Brian Kaulback

as Delivery Doctor

Emily Swiss

as Carrie Waiverly

Mimi Kuzyk

as Dr. Elaine Trussle

Jason Barbeck

as Orderly

Lawrence Dane

as Henry Waiverly

Barbara Gordon

as Silva Waiverly

Colleen Williams

as Alice Lipton

James Downing

as Prison Guard

Charles Martin Smith

as Burton Hayes

Eugene Clark

as Sergeant Gillett


Lewis Chesler

Lewis Chesler Executive Producer

Julie Glucksman

Julie Glucksman Executive Producer

Robert O. Green

Robert O. Green Executive Producer

Gavin Mitchell

Gavin Mitchell Production Design

Brady Allen

Brady Allen Set Decoration

Svjetlana Jaklenec

Svjetlana Jaklenec Set Decoration

Joanna Syrokomla

Joanna Syrokomla Costume Design

Teena Black

Teena Black Makeup Artist

Sarah Craig

Sarah Craig Hairstylist

Margot Keith

Margot Keith Makeup Artist

Yari Azzopardi

Yari Azzopardi Assistant Director

Brian Backman

Brian Backman Assistant Director

Robert Vaughn

Robert Vaughn Assistant Director

International Titles

Una llamada desde el pasado Trailer

Mémoire du passé Trailer

Indizi dal passato Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 06 January 2007

Production Companies

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