The Messengers Trailer

The Messengers Trailer (2007)

"There is evidence to suggest that children are highly susceptible to paranormal phenomena. They see what adults cannot. They believe what adults deny." 02 February 2007 Drama, Horror, Thriller 90 mins

When the Solomons trade in the craziness of big-city life for the quiet of a North Dakota farm, little do they expect the nightmare that follows. Soon after arriving, teenage Jess (Kristen Stewart) and her younger brother see terrifying apparitions and endure attacks from a supernatural source. Jess must warn her disbelieving family before it is too late to save them.

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Danny Pang


Nathan Kahane

Nathan Kahane Executive Producer

Joseph Drake

Joseph Drake Executive Producer

Jim Miller

Jim Miller Producer

Andrew Pfeffer

Andrew Pfeffer Line Producer

Lou Arkoff

Lou Arkoff Producer

Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi Producer

Joseph LoDuca

Original Music Composer

Kelli Konop

Kelli Konop Producer

International Titles

Los mensajeros Trailer

Os Mensageiros Trailer

Prokleti domu slunecnic Trailer

Sõnumitoojad Trailer

Ondskans budbärare Trailer

Pahan sanansaattajat Trailer

Les Messagers Trailer

Οι Αγγελιοφόροι Trailer

Oi angelioforoi Trailer

A hírnök Trailer

ghost house Trailer

Nesantys zinia Trailer

Poslancy Trailer

Glasnici Trailer

Посланники Trailer

Los Mensajeros Trailer

Messengers Trailer

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The Untitled Pang Brothers Horror Project Trailer

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International Releases Dates

Germany 17 October 2007

Denmark 13 July 2007

Spain 30 March 2007

France 03 April 2007

United Kingdom 06 April 2007

Italy 16 April 2010

United States 02 February 2007

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