Princess Trailer

Princess Trailer (2008)

"A modern fairytale" 20 April 2008 Fantasy, Drama, Family 89 mins

A reclusive princess and a directionless young man embark on a quest to save the world's mythical creatures from becoming extinct.

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Nora Zehetner

as Princess Ithaca

Kevin Pardue

as William Humprey

Nicole Gale Anderson

as Jitterbug/Calliope

Matthew Edison

as Louis Baxter

Mayko Nguyen

as Sophie Baxter

Rebecca Northan

as Angular Woman

Ashley Wright

as Stout Husband

Dominic Cuzzocrea

as Manticore

Craig Burnatowski

as Tattoo Guy

Brian Paul

as Mr. Danforth

Deborah Tennant

as Mrs. Danforth

Kerry Griffin

as Man in Front

Norma Clarke

as Well Dressed Woman

Libby Adams

as Little Girl #1


Mark Rosman


John Stead

John Stead Stunt Coordinator

David A. Makin

David A. Makin Director of Photography

Vlasta Svoboda

Vlasta Svoboda Production Design

Elis Y. Lam

Elis Y. Lam Art Direction

Arthur Rowsell

Arthur Rowsell Costume Design

Angela Mastronardi

Angela Mastronardi Script Supervisor

International Titles

Princess: A Modern Fairytale Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 09 May 2009

United States 20 April 2008

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