Battle Under Orion Trailer

Battle Under Orion Trailer (2009)

13 June 2009 Drama, Action, War 120 mins

The story of a Japanese sub's last mission during WWII.

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Yoshikuni Dôchin

as Yoshihiko Arisawa

Mitsuru Fukikoshi

as Hiroshi Nakatsu

Mutsutoshi Furuhata

as Shinta Hayakawa

Fumio Itô

as Takao Arima

Masaya Kikawada

as Hakime Touyama

Keiko Kitagawa

as Shiduko Arisawa / Izumi Kuramoto

Andrew Krakat

as American Soldier

Yuta Hiraoka

as Makoto Tsubokawa

Hiroshi Tamaki

as Takaaki Kuramoto

Hiroshi Tamaki

as Takayuki Kuramoto


Yasuo Hasegawa

Yasuo Hasegawa Scenario Writer

Kenzaburou Hasegawa

Kenzaburou Hasegawa Scenario Writer

International Titles

Okinawa - The Last Battle Trailer

Okinawa The Last Battle Trailer

Manatsu no Orion Trailer

Last Operations Under the Orion Trailer

Battle Under Orion Trailer

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