The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trailer

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trailer (2009)

"Based on the Worldwide Best Seller" 27 February 2009 Drama, Thriller, Crime 152 mins

Swedish thriller based on Stieg Larsson's novel about a male journalist and a young female hacker. In the opening of the movie, Mikael Blomkvist, a middle-aged publisher for the magazine Millennium, loses a libel case brought by corrupt Swedish industrialist Hans-Erik Wennerström. Nevertheless, he is hired by Henrik Vanger in order to solve a cold case, the disappearance of Vanger's niece

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Michael Nyqvist

as Mikael Blomkvist

Noomi Rapace

as Lisbeth Salander

Lena Endre

as Erika Berger

Sven-Bertil Taube

as Henrik Vanger

Peter Andersson

as Nils Bjurman

Peter Haber

as Martin Vanger

Marika Lagercrantz

as Cecilia Vanger

Tomas Köhler

as 'Plague'

Gösta Bredefeldt

as Harald Vanger

Björn Granath

as Gustav Morell

Ewa Fröling

as Harriet Vanger

Stefan Sauk

as Hans-Erik Wennerström

Gunnel Lindblom

as Isabella Vanger

Willie Andréason

as Birger Vanger

Ingvar Hirdwall

as Dirch Frode

Annika Hallin

as Annika Giannini


Cilla Rörby

Cilla Rörby Costume Design

Niels Sejer

Niels Sejer Production Design

Eric Kress

Eric Kress Director of Photography

Jacob Groth

Original Music Composer

Jenny Fred

Jenny Fred Makeup Artist

Love Larson

Love Larson Makeup Effects

Kennet From

Kennet From Property Master

Paul Gustavsson

Paul Gustavsson Property Master

Maria Håård

Maria Håård Assistant Art Director

International Titles

Os Homens Que Não Amavam As Mulheres Trailer

Millenium Director's Cut Teil 1 Trailer

Millenium Director's Cut Teil 2 Trailer

Millenium Trilogie 1 - Verblendung Trailer

Millennium 1 - Verblendung Trailer

Stieg Larsson - Verblendung Trailer

Verblendung Trailer

Verblendung - Millennium Trailer

Maend der hader kvinder Trailer

Mænd der hader Kvinder Trailer

Millennium Trailer

Millennium 1: Los hombres que no amaban a las mujeres Trailer

Millennium I Trailer

Miehet jotka vihaavat naisia Trailer

Millénium Trailer

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Millenium, le film Trailer

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A tetovált lány Trailer

Karlar Sem Hata Konur Trailer

Los hombres que no amaban a las mujeres Trailer

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Millenium 1 - Mannen die vrouwen haten Trailer

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Millennium: Mężczyźni, którzy nienawidzą kobiet Trailer

Millennium 1. Os Homens que Odeiam as Mulheres Trailer

Män som hatar kvinnor Trailer

Millenium - I - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Trailer

Millenium: Part 1 - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Trailer

龍紋身的女孩 Trailer

Girl I - With The Dragon Tattoo Trailer

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2009) Trailer

International Releases Dates

Australia 19 December 2009

Brazil 14 May 2010

Czech Republic 01 July 2010

Germany 01 October 2009

Denmark 27 February 2009

France 13 May 2009

United Kingdom 21 September 2009

Italy 29 May 2009

Norway 13 March 2009

Portugal 24 September 2009

Sweden 27 February 2009

United States 27 February 2009

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