The Sniper Trailer

The Sniper Trailer (2009)

24 March 2009 Action, Thriller 90 mins

A police sniper teams up with a hot-headed rookie to take down his former friend and teammate, who is exacting revenge on the police force.

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Richie Ren

as Hartman Fong / Ming

Huang Xiaoming

as Lincoln

Bowie Lam

as Shane

Wilfred Lau

as Iceman

Lam Chi-Tai

as Quinn

Calvin Poon Yuen-Leung

as Superintendent Ho

Chi-Sing Cheung

as Superintendent

Gregory Lam Kwai-Ban

as Police Commissioner

Stephen Tung Wai

as OJ's dad

Chan Wai-Ling

as Jenny Fong


Dante Lam


Candy Leung

Candy Leung Producer

Yuen Tak

Yuen Tak Martial Arts Choreographer

International Titles

Sun cheung sau Trailer

The Sniper Trailer

Snipers : Tireurs d'élite Trailer

Snipers, tireur d'élite Trailer

Snipers, tireurs d'élite Trailer

Godly Gunslingers Trailer

Shen qiang shou Trailer

Sniper Trailer

Sniper Trailer

Snajper Trailer

The Sniper Trailer

International Releases Dates

Hong Kong 24 March 2009

North Korea 01 June 2009

Korea 01 June 2009

Singapore 09 April 2009

United States 01 June 2009

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