The Unborn Trailer

The Unborn Trailer (2009)

"Evil will do anything to live." 09 January 2009 Horror, Thriller, Mystery 87 mins

A young woman fights the spirit that is slowly taking possession of her.

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Odette Annable

as Casey Beldon

Gary Oldman

as Rabbi Sendak

Cam Gigandet

as Mark Hardigan

Idris Elba

as Arthur Wyndham

Jane Alexander

as Sofi Kozma

Atticus Shaffer

as Matty Newton

James Remar

as Gordon Beldon

Carla Gugino

as Janet Beldon

C.S. Lee

as Dr. Lester Caldwell

Rhys Coiro

as Mr. Shields

Michael Sassone

as Eli Walker


Michael Bay

Michael Bay Producer

Andrew Form

Andrew Form Producer

Craig Jackson

Craig Jackson Production Design

Desi Wolff

Desi Wolff Set Decoration

Christine Wada

Christine Wada Costume Design

Suzi Ostos

Suzi Ostos Makeup Department Head

Sukari McGill

Sukari McGill Costume Supervisor

Jennifer Stone

Jennifer Stone Costume Supervisor

International Titles

Alma Perdida Trailer

L'entité Trailer

婴灵恶泣 Trailer

La semilla del mal Trailer

Il mai nato Trailer

La Profecía Del No Nacido Trailer

Alma Perdida Trailer

Нерожденный Trailer

La Profecia del no Nacido Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 12 March 2009

United Kingdom 27 February 2009

United States 09 January 2009

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