Ninja Sex Party and The Sacred Chalice Trailer

Ninja Sex Party and The Sacred Chalice Trailer (2010)

21 July 2010 Adventure, Comedy, Music 14 mins

Danny Sexbang recounts the story of how he and Ninja Brian came to find the Sacred Chalice.

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Daniel Avidan

as Danny Sexbang

Brian Wecht

as Ninja Brian

Deniele Cloutier

as Hooker/Robot

Mark Peterson

as Smeagol the Bagel Salesman

Dan Hodapp

as The Guard


as Barbarian

Steve Turner

as Barry Manilow

Julie Katz

as The Angel

Julie Katz

as The Gorgeous Lady Angel Protector and Guardian of The Chalice

Evelyn Troester

as Singer #1

Diana Hill

as Singer #2

Dan Hagen

as Officer #1

Nate Cohen

as Officer #2


Brian Wecht

Brian Wecht Producer

Jim Turner

Jim Turner Producer

Jim Turner


Mark Peterson

Mark Peterson Production Office Assistant

Andrew Goldsworth

Andrew Goldsworth Production Office Assistant

Steve Turner

Steve Turner Production Office Assistant

Dan Hagen

Dan Hagen Boom Operator

Dan Hagen

Dan Hagen Special Effects

Steve Turner

Steve Turner Special Effects

Jose Diaz Martinez

Jose Diaz Martinez Special Effects

International Releases Dates

United States 21 July 2010

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