RED Trailer

RED Trailer (2010)

"Still armed. Still dangerous. Still got it." 13 October 2010 Adventure, Action, Comedy 111 mins

When his peaceful life is threatened by a high-tech assassin, former black-ops agent Frank Moses reassembles his old team in a last ditch effort to survive and uncover his assailants.

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Bruce Willis

as Frank Moses

John Malkovich

as Marvin Boggs

Helen Mirren

as Victoria

Karl Urban

as William Cooper

Richard Dreyfuss

as Alexander Dunning

Julian McMahon

as VP Stanton

James Remar

as Gabriel Loeb

Brian Cox

as Ivan Simanov

Michelle Nolden

as Michelle Cooper

Jonathan Walker

as Burbacher

John Stead

as Agent

Robert Morse

as Interrogator

Morgan Freeman

as Joe Matheson

Laura DeCarteret

as Fundraiser Greeter

International Titles

RED: Retirados Extremadamente Duros Trailer

Red Aposentados e Perigosos Trailer

RED – Aposentados e Perigosos Trailer

Red 1 Trailer

Red 1 (2010) Trailer

猛火爆 Trailer

超危险特工 Trailer

R.E.D. Trailer

R.E.D. - Älter. Härter. Besser Trailer

RED - Älter Härter Besser Trailer

RED - Älter Härter Besser (2010) Trailer

RED – Älter. Härter. Besser. Trailer

RED Trailer

Red Trailer

RED: Реальные, экстремальные, дерзкие Trailer

Рэд Trailer

超危險特工 Trailer

RED – Retired. Extremely Dangerous Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 28 October 2010

Austria 29 October 2010

Australia 28 October 2010

Bulgaria 22 October 2010

Brazil 12 November 2010

Canada 15 October 2010

Switzerland 17 November 2010

Czech Republic 28 October 2010

Germany 28 October 2010

Denmark 04 November 2010

Estonia 29 October 2010

Egypt 03 November 2010

Spain 28 January 2011

Finland 12 November 2010

France 17 November 2010

United Kingdom 22 October 2010

Georgia 14 October 2010

Greece 04 November 2010

Hong Kong 04 November 2010

Croatia 25 November 2010

Hungary 08 December 2010

Ireland 22 October 2010

Israel 14 October 2010

India 26 November 2010

Italy 11 May 2011

Korea 03 November 2010

Kuwait 11 November 2010

Kazakhstan 14 October 2010

Lithuania 15 October 2010

Mexico 05 November 2010

Malaysia 21 October 2010

Netherlands 13 October 2010

New Zealand 28 October 2010

Peru 01 January 2011

Poland 15 October 2010

Portugal 11 November 2010

Russia 14 October 2010

Sweden 19 November 2010

Singapore 11 November 2010

Turkey 15 October 2010

United States 14 October 2010

Uruguay 21 January 2011

Venezuela 07 January 2011

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