The Other Guys Trailer

The Other Guys Trailer (2010)

"When the cops are busy... Our only hope is..." 06 August 2010 Action, Comedy, Crime 107 mins

NYPD detectives Christopher Danson (Johnson) and P.K. Highsmith (Jackson) are the baddest and most beloved cops in New York City. They don't get tattoos, other men get tattoos of them. Two desks over and one back, sit detectives Allen Gamble (Ferrell) and Terry Hoitz (Wahlberg). You've seen them in the background of photos of Danson and Highsmith, out of focus and eyes closed. They're not heroes, they're "the other guys." But every cop has his or her day and soon Gamble and Hoitz stumble into a seemingly innocuous case no other detective wants to touch that could turn into NYC's biggest crime. It's the opportunity of their lives, but do these guys have the right stuff?

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Will Ferrell

as Detective Allen Gamble

Mark Wahlberg

as Detective Terry Hoitz

Eva Mendes

as Sheila Gamble

Samuel L. Jackson

as P.K. Highsmith

Dwayne Johnson

as Christopher Danson

Michael Keaton

as Captain Gene Mauch

Ray Stevenson

as Roger Wesley

Steve Coogan

as David Ershon

Rob Riggle

as Martin

Brooke Shields

as Brooke Shields

Anne Heche

as Pamela Boardman


Adam McKay


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International Releases Dates

Australia 30 September 2010

Bulgaria 17 September 2010

Canada 06 August 2010

Czech Republic 25 November 2010

Germany 14 October 2010

Denmark 25 November 2010

France 27 October 2010

United Kingdom 17 September 2010

Netherlands 11 November 2010

United States 06 August 2010

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