Universal Newsreel Vol. 37 Release 97-104 Trailer

Universal Newsreel Vol. 37 Release 97-104 Trailer (2010)

12 August 2010

.Covering worldwide events in politics, entertainment, fashion, sports, and technology.Release Dates: Dec 3,1964 - Dec 28,1964Dec 3, (Release 97)- AFRICAN ELECTED U.N. PRESIDENT; AUSTRIAN VILLAGE CRUSHED: tons of dirt and mud slowly engulf the village of their ancestors; FOOTBALL: NOTRE DAME'S HUARTE WINS HEISMAN TROPHY, T.C.U. vs. S.M.U.Dec 7, (Release 98)- POPE HAILED IN INDIA: no other Pope has ever visited this area of the world; WINTER HAS NATION IN AN ICY GRIP; VIETNAM HERO RECEIVES MEDAL OF HONOR: Captain Roger Donlon rallied his men to throw back a concerted Red attack; PEARL HARBOR DEAD ARE REMEMBERED.Dec 10, (Release 99)- FOREIGN VISITORS CONFER WITH PRESIDENT: Harold Wilson, Britain's new Prime Minister, and Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko

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United States 12 August 2010

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