New Year's Eve Trailer

New Year's Eve Trailer (2011)

"The one night anything is possible." 08 December 2011 Comedy, Romance 118 mins

The lives of several couples and singles in New York intertwine over the course of New Year's Eve.

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International Titles

Año nuevo Trailer

101次新年快乐 Trailer

缘满除夕夜 Trailer

Happy New Year Trailer

Happy New Year - Neues Jahr neues Glueck Trailer

Noche de Fin de Año Trailer

Szilveszter éjjel Trailer

Noche De Fin De Año Trailer

New Years Eve Trailer

International Releases Dates

Armenia 02 February 2012

Argentina 08 December 2011

Australia 08 December 2011

Belgium 21 December 2011

Bulgaria 09 December 2011

Brazil 09 December 2011

Canada 09 December 2011

Germany 08 December 2011

Denmark 08 December 2011

Spain 23 December 2011

Finland 09 December 2011

France 21 December 2011

United Kingdom 08 December 2011

Georgia 12 January 2012

Greece 08 December 2011

Hong Kong 05 January 2012

Hungary 08 December 2011

Indonesia 06 January 2012

Ireland 09 December 2011

Israel 08 December 2011

India 09 December 2011

Italy 23 December 2011

Kuwait 22 December 2011

Kazakhstan 12 January 2012

Lebanon 22 December 2011

Lithuania 09 December 2011

Malta 14 December 2011

Netherlands 08 December 2011

Norway 09 December 2011

Panama 16 December 2011

Philippines 08 December 2011

Poland 09 December 2011

Portugal 15 December 2011

Russia 12 January 2012

Sweden 25 December 2011

Singapore 08 December 2011

Slovenia 08 December 2011

Turkey 30 December 2011

United States 09 December 2011

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