Operation Shmenti Capelli Trailer

Operation Shmenti Capelli Trailer (2011)

06 October 2011 Comedy 115 mins

The title is based on the idiomatic expression "shmenti capelli" characterizing actions of people who like to shuffle and bamboozle others with superficial commitments. Karamfilov choose it as a metaphor for people with huge economic and political power. The funny comedy incorporates a tragic story in which Karamfilov plays two roles: the Big Guy and the Little Guy. Big is tied to the Mafia and the Secret services. Little is an unemployed teacher, squeezed and crushed by the system, which stops his heating and electricity, has his home emptied by a bailiff, and uses him as a tool in a game.

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Harry Anichkin

as General Gospodinov

Kiril Efremov

as Botora

Malin Krastev

as Nadezhdev

Plamen Peev

as Totsev

Georgi Spasov

as Bailiff

Dzheki Stoev

as Shrink

Ognyan Panov

as Collaborator

Veselin Pavlon

as Collaborator

Pavel Mitkov

as Policeman Mitkov

Avgust Popov

as Evlogi


Ivan Mitov


Vessela Bannzurkova

Vessela Bannzurkova Line Producer

Kiril Valchanov

Kiril Valchanov Director of Photography

Angel Manov

Angel Manov Production Design

Stefania Velichkova

Stefania Velichkova Script Supervisor

Boris Slavkov

Boris Slavkov Camera Operator

Kaloyan Nedelchev

Kaloyan Nedelchev Camera Operator

George Vrabchev

George Vrabchev Special Effects Supervisor

Mihail Dichev

Mihail Dichev Sound Designer

Ivan Kirishev

Ivan Kirishev Sound Editor

Ferenc Lukacs

Ferenc Lukacs Sound Re-Recording Mixer

International Releases Dates

Bulgaria 06 October 2011

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