Page One: Inside the New York Times Trailer

Page One: Inside the New York Times Trailer (2011)

"This year, the biggest story is their own." 29 April 2011 Factual 88 mins

Unprecedented access to the New York Times newsroom yields a complex view of the transformation of a media landscape fraught with both peril and opportunity.

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David Carr

as Himself

David Carr

as Journalist

Brian Stelter

as Himself

Brian Stelter

as reporter

Bruce Headlam

as Media editor

Bruce Headlam

as Himself

Richard Perez-Pena

as Media reporter

Sarah Ellison

as Herself

Dennis Crowley

as Himself

Evan Williams

as Himself

Paul Steiger

as Himself

Clay Shirky

as HImself

Seth Mnookin

as Himself


Paul Brill

Original Music Composer

Andrew Rossi

Andrew Rossi Director of Photography

Daniel Stern

Daniel Stern Executive Producer

Andrew Rossi

Andrew Rossi Executive Producer

Daniel Pine

Daniel Pine Executive Producer

Alan Oxman

Alan Oxman Producer

Kate Novack

Kate Novack Executive Producer

David Hand

David Hand Producer

Andrew Coffman

Andrew Coffman Researcher

International Releases Dates

United Kingdom 09 September 2011

Sweden 04 November 2011

United States 24 June 2011

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