Paradise Lost: Draconian Times MMXI Trailer

Paradise Lost: Draconian Times MMXI Trailer (2011)

12 May 2011

DVD 1 1. Enchantment (live in London 2011) (05:43) 2. Hallowed Land (live in London 2011) (05:31) 3. The Last Time (live in London 2011) (03:51) 4. Forever Failure (live in London 2011) (04:37) 5. Once Solemn (live in London 2011) (03:37) 6. Shadowkings (live in London 2011) (05:10) 7. Elusive Cure (live in London 2011) (03:57) 8. Yearn For Change (live in London 2011) (04:49) 9. Shades Of God (live in London 2011) (04:20) 10. Hands Of Reason (live in London 2011) (04:25) 11. I See Your Face (live in London 2011) (03:41) 12. Jaded (live in London 2011) (04:25) 13. Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us (live in London 2011) (04:42) 14. True Believe (live in London 2011) (04:36) 15. One Second (live in London 2011) (03:52) 16. Say Just Words (live in London 2011) (05:25) 17. Rise Of Denial (live in London 2011) (04:51) 18. As I Die (live in London 2011) (08:23)

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United Kingdom 12 May 2011

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